5 Tips To Choose the Best Dog Pulling Harness

bull dog with pulling harness

When you have a dog, you want to make sure that your dog is happy and healthy. Your dog is a part of your family, and you will do everything in your power to make them feel included and loved. Normal leashes for dogs can be harmful; they can pull against you and hurt themselves and cause rashes and burns if the collar isn’t a comfortable material.

This is why dog harnesses were invented. A dog harness goes around their body like a protective jacket so that it doesn’t pull them in sensitive areas, and it won’t cause nearly as much pain when they try to run off. Here are 5 tips on how you can choose the best harness for your puppy pal.

When deciding on a harness for your dog, you first need to understand the two available styles. There are more styles than these two, but these are the safest and most common that you will find.

The back clip on harness.

This harness clips up on your dog’s back. You will be able to easily attach the harness to your dog, and take it off whenever necessary. These are usually used for bigger dogs but can be used for small dogs just the same.

Front clip harnesses.

These are meant more for small dogs because you can easily pick them up and clip on the harness with no trouble. When you have a bigger dog, you might not be able to get underneath them to hook on the harness properly.

Once you figured out the type of clip harness you want, you need to find out what kind of harness is best for you and your pup.

The anti-pull harness.

This harness doesn’t give your pup any chance to take off without your knowledge. There isn’t a cord that extends when your dog starts to walk off, so you will always know that your pup is nearby. Just because this harness doesn’t allow your dog to get far away does not mean that it isn’t a good pulling harness. It will still give your dog some space, but it doesn’t have an extended cord.

A standard harness.

This harness is nothing special, but it will keep your dog happy. It’s just a few clips and a cord that allows your dog to get a few steps ahead of you. These harnesses are perfect for anyone who wants their puppy to have a little bit of freedom, without letting them off of the leash.

The extendable harness.

These harnesses will allow your dog to take off running, while also allowing you to pull the cord back whenever they seem to be getting a bit too far away for your liking. This is the type of harness that you are looking for if you want more cord available for you and your dog. But if you don’t want them getting too far, you should use the standard or anti-pull harness.

The choice of dog pulling harness will depend on how you and your dog go about your walks. If you let them get a step ahead, the standard or extendable harness will work great for the both of you. But if you want them close by because they get a little bit too interested in things around them, then you can choose the anti-pull harness.

No matter what type of harness that you choose for your pet, you will always have the option for styles. The clips on the back or the front, the color, the length, and how big or small the harness is. You should think about all of this in order to make sure that you are choosing the right type of harness for your dog.

Your dog’s size and personality will really determine the best dog pulling harness, so think about how your dog acts on walks while also thinking about how you want them to act.

It is also important to keep an eye on your dog when using a harness. While it pulls less on their neck bones than collars and leashes do, they can still get rashes and irritation when using the harness too harshly. So, keep an eye on your little furry friend when coming home from the park.

In summary:

  • Find the clip option that works best for you
  • pick a size that works for your dog
  • pick a cord length that you’ll both like
  • find a color
  • make sure the harness material doesn’t cause irritation for your puppy
  • Do these things, and you will have the best harness.

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