Gobone Techno Dog Toy, helpful with Dog Training or not?

When I first heard about it I thought it was a joke. Dog toys that can be controlled with smartphones from anywhere. Who would ever need such a thing? But after a few days, I had to go away from my house for a full day. Something I rarely do because it requires me to get a dogsitter.

Dogs in general and mine in particularly are not good at being alone. So if you leave them locked up for many hours in a house they can get a little crazy. We have all seen or heard about the destruction an anxious dog can bring to a living room.

The reason is that we have bred dogs for hundreds of years to be as well adapted to humans as possible. We have emphasized the traits that we liked most such as: attention to humans, obedience and affectionate behavior.

The flip side of this is that dogs have become less self sufficient and confident when they are not with their owner. Its something that we have secretively reduced by breeding the most affectionate and obedient dogs. And this is still a good thing because it’s the number one reason for people to get a pet.

We don’t need a dog to watch our sheep or guard our garden. We want a dog to play with and pet on the couch. Or to dress up like a pop star:) But it does mean we need to care for them in a good way. And this means we don’t leave them alone for too long. That is where the new Pet Toys are coming to the rescue.

They allow you to check up on your pet from work or anywhere. Some have the ability to play with your pet, such as the Gobone or Petcube. Some allow you to shoot treats at them.

Let’s see where this development is going. But I am pretty sure it’s going to be a lot of fun.

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