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How To Find Your Dog If They Become Lost

Realizing that your dog has gone missing can be an extremely stressful moment. It is likely that you consider them to be one of the family, so finding that they have gotten loose is much like realizing that a child has wandered off. This can be a moment filled with lots of emotion, which then can lead to irrational thinking. The key to finding your dog as soon as possible is keeping your mind straight and taking the right steps from the very beginning.

A lonely dog in the dessertThe first instinct that many people have is to go looking for their lost pet. While this may result in finding them quickly, it can also waste time if you are the only one doing the search. If possible, you should have one person out searching while another person takes action by making the appropriate phone calls. If this is not feasible, you should try to take on both tasks at the same time.

While going about a street search, you will want to start by looking in the areas that you frequent with your pet. Dogs, like humans, are creatures of habit. You should look along the paths that you typically go for walks, parks and any homes in which your pet is drawn to, such as that neighbor with the dog that barks when you pass. These areas are what your dog is used to and are the most likely to draw their attention.

abandoned dogs ofter die aloneYou will also want to call some local authorities. You should begin by calling your local police department to report that they are missing and inquire as to whether or not there have been sightings of your pet. They will likely need a good description of your animal. Be as thorough as possible including describing their breed, coloring, sex and whether or not they had a collar, and if so what it looks like.

You should also contact your local animal shelters. Many people take in lost pets but do not wish to bring them to a shelter or have them picked up by authorities out of fear that they could be euthanized. They will usually call, however, to inquire as to whether or not the pet has been reported missing. By reporting to these agencies, you are giving them a heads up to take notice of any calls that they might receive about your lost pet.

After you have completed these tasks and still have not found your lost dog, you will want to expand your search. Try knocking on the doors of your neighbors within the vicinity that you usually take him or her for walks. There is a good chance that they have seen your dog or taken them in.

dogs searching for a dogIf you still do not have luck, you should post their picture along with where they were last seen online. There are websites dedicated to helping people find their lost pets as well as Facebook pages that are local to you. Pet owners have found this to be an extremely useful tool in locating their lost pets. Some have even been found weeks and months after they went missing thanks to this particular resource. A good place to start is here:, you can also connect on Facebook – Smart Pet Toys Review

Finding that your beloved dog has gone missing can be nothing short of devastating. It is essential that you take the right steps to increase your chances of having them come home. The more resources that you make use of, the higher the chances are that they will be found safe and sound. Be sure to use them; you will be glad you had when they are found.

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