Dog Shampoo vs. Human Shampoo

Crop girl bathing Jack Russel Terrier in backyard with garden hose.

Dog shampoo and human shampoos are different. But in some cases, you may still use a human shampoo on your dog. The following information refers to the ideal situations and the science behind these products indicates that dogs need different shampoos to humans.  You can find out more by visiting the dog shampoo reviews here.

pH balance

The pH balance of the skin is different when it comes to dogs and humans. The skin of the dogs is typically more sensitive. This is why it you need to know that the human skin has 10-11 layers while the skin of the dog only comes with 3-4 layers. In these conditions, your dog will be more sensitive to the human shampoo.

So what do you do in case of emergencies? In case of emergencies when you do not have the time to buy a dedicated shampoo you can still wash your dog with your own shampoo and rinse well after. But in the ideal long-term situations, you will also need the right solutions to consider when it comes to better dog care. This is why it is important to know that you can see great results when it comes to improved benefits, even in the conditions in which you might be struggling to see the difference between the shampoos.

The coat of the dog also needs special care. It needs to stay away from dehydration and the skin still needs to be in good condition to avoid situations such as itching. This is why it is important to know that you can see great results when it comes to better dog care with a dedicate shampoo.

But what is in a dog shampoo? Even the most potent dog shampoos now come with a strong orientation towards natural ingredients. This is where your dog has the most to win as it will allow it to enjoy rare ingredients just a few years ago. With coconut oil extracts, you can use shampoos with good antibacterial action. Even more, you can also use different shampoos which allow you a good overall performance when it comes to the other natural ingredients and skin benefits. Shea butter extracts or Aloe Vera extracts prove to be a good addition to most shampoos.

When it comes to the aromas of the shampoos, they can also be important, especially as many dogs do not love bath time. This is why it is important to look for the low-profile options which come with a relaxing smell. It may also be indicated that once you find the shampoo which works best for your dog to continue using it to see the best results in time and to actually allow your dog to enjoy the bath. You will thus need to find a good shampoo which is safe to use for your dog and which your dog likes. Trying-out different options is always recommended. In many cases, you can also find different aromas to choose from with the same formulation, at least with the leading brands which offer a good selection.

Dog Care Tips For 2018: A Simple Guide

Are you looking for dog care tips for 2018? If so, you have come to the right place. Our furry friends, whether they are big or little, only deserve the best from us. And we can properly take care of them with the information that is shared in the following article from the UK Online Pet Shop.

One tip that you can’t ignore is to make sure your dog, cat, or other pet has his annual checkup. When our pets are healthy and happy, it may seem like they don’t need to see the vet. However, it is important to have a checkup each year. Some conditions may gradually show up with signs that we don’t recognize. A trained professional may notice these things and provide the necessary treatment for your pal.



Another important tip for 2018 is to enjoy your pet. There are many ways that you can do this. One great option is to spend time with your pet. There are different ways you can do this depending on what type of pet you have. Most pets enjoy playing so this is a good starting point. If you have a puppy, consider playing a game of frisbee or fetch. Cats love chasing things so find a toy that they will enjoy.

Also, make sure your pet is getting the proper nutrition. Each and every pet needs a certain type of food. You can make sure that yours is getting exactly what they need by doing research. This can be done online on trusted sites or by talking with your vet. Learning what is best for your pet to eat is a great way to ensure he is as healthy as possible.

Making good choices for your pet shows that you care about him or her and want to keep them around as long as possible.

dog owner and dog reunited after being lost

How To Find Your Dog If They Become Lost

Realizing that your dog has gone missing can be an extremely stressful moment. It is likely that you consider them to be one of the family, so finding that they have gotten loose is much like realizing that a child has wandered off. This can be a moment filled with lots of emotion, which then can lead to irrational thinking. The key to finding your dog as soon as possible is keeping your mind straight and taking the right steps from the very beginning.

A lonely dog in the dessertThe first instinct that many people have is to go looking for their lost pet. While this may result in finding them quickly, it can also waste time if you are the only one doing the search. If possible, you should have one person out searching while another person takes action by making the appropriate phone calls. If this is not feasible, you should try to take on both tasks at the same time.

While going about a street search, you will want to start by looking in the areas that you frequent with your pet. Dogs, like humans, are creatures of habit. You should look along the paths that you typically go for walks, parks and any homes in which your pet is drawn to, such as that neighbor with the dog that barks when you pass. These areas are what your dog is used to and are the most likely to draw their attention.

abandoned dogs ofter die aloneYou will also want to call some local authorities. You should begin by calling your local police department to report that they are missing and inquire as to whether or not there have been sightings of your pet. They will likely need a good description of your animal. Be as thorough as possible including describing their breed, coloring, sex and whether or not they had a collar, and if so what it looks like.

You should also contact your local animal shelters. Many people take in lost pets but do not wish to bring them to a shelter or have them picked up by authorities out of fear that they could be euthanized. They will usually call, however, to inquire as to whether or not the pet has been reported missing. By reporting to these agencies, you are giving them a heads up to take notice of any calls that they might receive about your lost pet.

After you have completed these tasks and still have not found your lost dog, you will want to expand your search. Try knocking on the doors of your neighbors within the vicinity that you usually take him or her for walks. There is a good chance that they have seen your dog or taken them in.

dogs searching for a dogIf you still do not have luck, you should post their picture along with where they were last seen online. There are websites dedicated to helping people find their lost pets as well as Facebook pages that are local to you. Pet owners have found this to be an extremely useful tool in locating their lost pets. Some have even been found weeks and months after they went missing thanks to this particular resource. A good place to start is here:, you can also connect on Facebook – Smart Pet Toys Review

Finding that your beloved dog has gone missing can be nothing short of devastating. It is essential that you take the right steps to increase your chances of having them come home. The more resources that you make use of, the higher the chances are that they will be found safe and sound. Be sure to use them; you will be glad you had when they are found.

It's worth investing some time into choosing the right veterinarian

How To Choose A Vet

Your vet is a pretty significant figure in your dog’s life – and thus, in yours. Hopefully, you’ll only ever need him or her for routine checkups and preventative procedures; but just in case, it’s worth taking the time to develop a good relationship with a suitable vet, before you need their services.

Where to look:

Sure, you could just pick a vet at random from the Yellow Pages or from an Internet search; but having the right vet is crucial to your dog’s health and happiness (and, presumably, this plays at least some part in your own happiness and peace of mind as an owner, right?)

Think about it this way: if you were trying to choose a doctor for yourself, would you be happy to just select one at random from an impersonal list?

Probably not. You’d want somebody who comes highly recommended – somebody you feel like you can trust.
Your vet isn’t just your dog’s doctor; he or she is also the dentist, manicurist, psychologist, and – hopefully! – a friend. When you roll all these things up into one, you can see why it’s necessary to spend some time confirming that you’ve made the right choice.

The best place to start looking for a vet is by word of mouth. If you have any friends or relatives who take good care of their dogs, then that’s a great place to start: ask them who they’d recommend, and why. This last one is particularly important, because everyone has different priorities: for example, perhaps they like their own vet because he/she is a specialist in their own particular breed; or they don’t charge very much; or the clinic is only five minutes’ drive … their priorities are not necessarily yours, so it’s a good idea to make sure that your values coincide with the person giving the recommendations.

Another great place to find a vet is through local training clubs (Schutzhund, agility, herding classes, police K-9 academies, etc.) These organizations are almost guaranteed to place a great deal of importance on high-quality veterinary care, because the health and well-being of their dogs is such a priority.

Once you’ve got a list of vets that you’re interested in pursuing further, all you have to do is call up the clinic and explain that you’re looking to find a regular vet for your dog(s): can you come in for a quick chat, introduce your dog, and have a look at the premises? Read More

Gobone allowing pet owners to connect from afar

Gobone Techno Dog Toy, helpful with Dog Training or not?

When I first heard about it I thought it was a joke. Dog toys that can be controlled with smartphones from anywhere. Who would ever need such a thing? But after a few days, I had to go away from my house for a full day. Something I rarely do because it requires me to get a dogsitter. That’s when I remembered this article on the Smart Pet Toys website .

Dogs in general and mine in particularly are not good at being alone. So if you leave them locked up for many hours in a house they can get a little crazy. We have all seen or heard about the destruction an anxious dog can bring to a living room.

The reason is that we have bred dogs for hundreds of years to be as well adapted to humans as possible. We have emphasized the traits that we liked most such as: attention to humans, obedience and affectionate behavior.

The flip side of this is that dogs have become less self sufficient and confident when they are not with their owner. Its something that we have secretively reduced by breeding the most affectionate and obedient dogs. And this is still a good thing because it’s the number one reason for people to get a pet.

We don’t need a dog to watch our sheep or guard our garden. We want a dog to play with and pet on the couch. Or to dress up like a pop star:) But it does mean we need to care for them in a good way. And this means we don’t leave them alone for too long. That is where the new Pet Toys are coming to the rescue.

They allow you to check up on your pet from work or anywhere. Some have the ability to play with your pet, such as the Gobone or Petcube. Some allow you to shoot treats at them.

Let’s see where this development is going. But I am pretty sure it’s going to be a lot of fun.

How can I prepare properly nutritious food for my dog?

It’s true that we shouldn’t just feed our dogs “table scraps.”

They need a diet that meets canine needs. But in response to all the news reports of unsafe pet food, what do we do? And just how bad is it? What are the experts saying?

World-famous vet and dog-care author Alfred Plechner, says the poor nutritional properties of commercial dog food inevitably lead to disease:

“Because many commercial foods are woefully deficient in key nutrients, the long term effect of feeding such foods makes the dog hypersensitive to its environment…”

Debra Lynn Dadd, author of ‘Home Safe Home’ says commercial dog food company claims their product is a complete and healthy meal are false… “Many pet foods claim to be ‘100% nutritionally complete and balanced.’ This claim legally can be made and printed on commercial products based on information studies using isolated nutrients and not whole food.”

Wendy and Jack Volhard are well-known  respected, 30-year dog training veterans. Wendy writes about how her dogs live to amazing old age through proper diet: “We have made our own food for well over 30 years now, and our dogs are living longer and longer each generation.

“Whereas the normal lifespan of a Newfoundland in 1998 was 6.2-6.7 years according to a national survey done by the Newfoundland Club of America, our dogs live up until 15 years of age.”

Andrew Lewis, author of the best selling DOG FOOD SECRETS, says there are three Steps to providing a proper diet for your dog:

Step 1: Stop using commercial dog food as your dog’s only or main source of food. This step is the most important and you should make the change in the next couple of days. But you can’t make this change unless you have a good alternative plan in place.

Step 2: Learn how to read commercial dog food labels. I understand it’s not practical for most people to never use commercial dog food ever again. Although not best case, you can use it sparingly for maybe a few meals during the week.

Step 3: Get some healthy, well-balanced dog food recipes and start feeding your dog home made food.

Says Lewis, “It’s very easy, if you know how to cook specifically for dogs. Just cook a large batch, freeze it and it can be eaten over several days. But be sure you have a good source of recipes written especially for dogs because they have very specific requirements, different to humans.

It’s possible to love your dog to death with too much of the wrong foods. If you are tired or busy and sometimes don’t want to prepare food for your dog, don’t feel guilty because it happens to all us! I’m the first to admit that sometimes my wife and I get home from work and the last thing we feel like doing is cooking for ourselves, let alone Ginger, our dog.

When that happens we order take-out for the family and I give Ginger a super-healthy serving of commercial dog food… but before you think I’m not practicing what I preach, let me explain… Occasionally the situation would occur where we didn’t want to cook but I had no dog food in the house because it’s all garbage… (ah… but not all of it.)

I realized I needed a solution to this problem so I hired a professional researcher to find the top 10 ultra-healthy, all natural commercial dog foods in all of North America. Using the checksheet of very high quality standards I demanded, she returned 8 days later reporting she could only find 9 that met every standard… in all of North America!

She prepared a confidential document for my eyes only and it has been my secret weapon. But for the first time ever, I’m sharing The Confidential Dog Food Report: The 9 Very Best, Ultra-Healthy, Dog Food Brands in all of North America with other dog owners like you..

“You’ll be glad you did!”

FEEDING: It is important that you go easy on doggie treats and table food. These can cause a number of digestive problems, not to mention problems that could effect their health and well-being.

Commercial dry foods and canned moist foods have their place. But professional dog breeders and handlers often develop their own formulas and recipes for their dog’s diets. Our favorite is dog-fancier John Miller:

50 years ago, a young dog-fancier, John Miller wanted to improve his dogs growth. After analyzing commercial dog food formulas, he found they were all loaded with unhealthy chemicals.

John developed a better recipe himself and tried it on his own dogs… using healthier ingredients…

He couldn’t believe how fast his dogs health and behavior improved. Also he reduced his dog food costs by 50%.

Happy with his discovery he tried, over the years, hundreds of new recipes in order to see their effects on dog health and growth.

Among his recipes are:
Healthy dog food recipes for young and old dogs
Natural recipe to keep flea away
Gourmet Biscuit recipes
Dozens of recipes for delicious, economical, healthful dog food
Treats (Your pet will love you)
Dog bones

“Consider the fact that many experts believe commercial dog food is actually unhealthy for dogs. Often the meat that is used in dog food is of a quality considered unfit for humans.” -John Miller

How dog stories have historically developed

The History of Dog Stories

We’ve been telling animal stories, of course, for as long as we’ve told yarns. And we no doubt told stories of our own dogs around ancient camp fires.

Our earlytales mixed myth, dream and fantasy with the real world. Our legends told of talking animals, including dogs. So did the tales of the Greek slave named Aesop. Well into the Nineteenth Century, dogs in literature were mostly creatures of fancy, often talking and thinking like humans, on which they were really based. Kipling’s JUNGLE TALES, an international bestseller, is a good example of the fantasy-form.

Sir Charles G D Roberts, a Canadian author born in 1860 in Douglas, New Brunswick, changed that.

Roberts grew up watching animals, both domestic and in the wild Northwoods, and wanted to write about them as they really lived. He said that the exciting adventure lies in the effort to ‘get under the skins,’ so to speak, of these shy and elusive beings. He didn’t want to write about human nature in animal form, but was determinedto write yarns about animals that caught their emotions and thoughts. In so doing, Charles G D Roberts created the one native Canadian art form: the Realistic Animal Story.

Although Roberts wrote about domestic animals such as dogs, it was the animals of the wilderness that caught his attention. Powerful stories such as The Passing of the Black Whelps and Wild Motherhood told stories of wolves, moose and bears. His books include THE LURE OF THE WILD and HAUNTERS OF THE SILENCES.

Fellow Canadian Ernest Thompson Seton followed with WILD ANIMALS I HAVE KNOWN (1898), giving the animal story a new credibility and power as a literary genre. Two stories from this book told of dogs: Bingo, the Story of My Dog and Wully, the Story of a Yaller Dog.

In 1903, Jack London’s masterpiece THE CALL OF THE WILD appeared.

When Jack London wrote THE CALL OF THE WILD, he wrote the seminal Northwestern novel.

Jack London had already written THE SON OF THE WOLF and A DAUGHTER OF THE SNOWS, themagazine short story ‘To Build a Fire,’and would follow THE CALL OF THE WILD with his wilderness story of the wolf-dog WHITE FANG, a classic work of animal fiction.

Although many consider the 20th Century/Darryl Zanuck movie version of THE CALL OF THE WILD, starring Clark Gable as John Thornton, to be the best version, my personal favorite is the later Ken Annakin Film production, starring Charlton Heston. Heston — and Annakin — captured the spirit and character of Jack London the man and author better than anyone else has.

The theme of domesticity to savagery in THE CALL OF THE WILD and its opposite — savagery to domesticity in WHITE FANG, is a deeply human theme that is the soul of the Northwestern, and needs more exploration… -Brian Alan Burhoe, author of WOLFBLOOD: A Northwestern Story…

The American Jack London wrote of dogs against the background of the Klondike Gold Rush, red-coated members of the North-West Mounted Police, prospectors, trappers, outlaws and the white wilderness of the Alaskan and Canadian Northwest. His literary masterpieces created a demand for more. Read More

Wolf Dog Kazan

Kazan The Wolf Dog

KAZAN lay mute and motionless, his gray nose between his forepaws, his eyes half closed.

A rock could have appeared scarcely less lifeless than he; not a muscle twitched; not a hair moved; not an eyelid quivered.

Yet every drop of the wild blood in his splendid body was racing in a ferment of excitement that Kazan had never before experienced. Every nerve and fiber of his wonderful muscles was tense as steel wire.

Quarter-strain wolf, three-quarters ‘husky,’ he had lived the four years of his life in the wilderness.

He had felt the pangs of starvation. He knew what it meant to freeze. He had listened to the wailing winds of the long Arctic night over the barrens. He had heard the thunder of the torrent and the cataract, and had cowered under the mighty crash of the storm. His throat and sides were scarred by battle, and his eyes were red with the blister of the snows.

He was called Kazan, the Wolf Dog, because he was a giant among his kind and as fearless, even, as the men who drove him through the perils of a frozen world.

He had never known fear–until now. He had never felt in him before the desire to <irun–</inot even on that terrible day in the forest when he had fought and killed the big gray lynx. He did not know what it was that frightened him, but he knew that he was in another world, and that many things in it startled and alarmed him.

It was his first glimpse of civilization.

He wished that his master would come back into the strange room where he had left him. It was a room filled with hideous things. There were great human faces on the wall, but they did not move or speak, but stared at him in a way he had never seen people look before. He remembered having looked on a master who lay very quiet and very cold in the snow, and he had sat back on his haunches and wailed forth the death song. But these people on the walls looked alive, and yet seemed dead.

Suddenly Kazan’s ears became erect. He heard steps, then low voices. One of them was his master’s voice. But the other–it sent a little tremor through him! Once, so long ago that it must have been in his puppy-hood days, he seemed to have had a dream of a laugh that was like the girl’s laugh–a laugh that was all at once filled with a wonderful happiness, the thrill of a wonderful love, and a sweetness that made Kazan now lift his head as the man and woman came in.

He looked straight at them, his red eyes gleaming. At once he knew that the girl must be dear to his master, for his arm was about her. In the glow of the light he saw that her hair was very bright, and that there was the color of the crimson <ibakneesh </ivine in her face and the blue of the <ibakneesh </iflower in her shining eyes. Suddenly she saw him, and with a little cry darted toward him.

‘Stop!’ shouted the man. ‘He’s dangerous! Kazan-‘



SERGEANT PRESTON: That’s my job. You can trail him, can’t you, King?


SGT. PRESTON: (fading) Yes, boy, come along.Let’s go!


ANNOUNCER: Sgt. Preston and King hurried through the town and down to the river where the large ice flows, piled one on top of the other, formed a natural bridge from one side of the Yukon to the other.

YUKONKING panting…

ANNOUNCER: They ran across it. On the far side the Sergeant found the fresh tracks left by the man and girl in the melting snow. Read More